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UV Integration

“No curing without light”


No other step in the process has in recent years created quite the stir that UV curing has. After the introduction of water based paints next to solvent based paints and the automated varnishing process, there hasn’t been any other innovation as interesting as UV paints. Even though the technology can be described as “old hat” for many market segments, it is new for some industrial sectors, and can be boon and bane for these. The automotive industry is highly interested in UV paints because of their resilience. Still, the introduction is complex:

  •  Mono-cure? Dual-cure? 100% varnishes!?
  •  Water- or solvent-based?
  •  Does it require a new application system, or is integration possible?! (Retrofit)

UV processes can provide you with a real alternative and can answer to customer’s specifications and economical enameling, especially where high gloss surfaces are concerned – if those processes are correctly integrated and applied.

In close cooperation with leading plant- and lamp manufacturers I have taken numerous UV integrations and modifications to serial production. There are many details to be taken into consideration. I will support you during the entire phase until you reach serial enameling. Take advantage of my expertise and let us dispel the darkness!