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Technical project assistance


Good planning is half the battle!”

You face the challenge of

  •  Having to test and set a new coating system?
  •  Wanting to introduce a new process technology?
  •  Integrating a new carrier material with pretreatment into your production?

I support you in projects or as an interim solution for various areas of your process. My field of possibilities in your company is versatile and we should vote for it personally.


Provision of samples for new products is very complex and should therefore be implemented assiduously. When a new process is drafted concurrent with day-to-day business, you must develop varnish product carriers and programs, and also devise application settings. Varnishing trials with different paint manufacturers are essential. All know-how should be streamlined, because this is the defining moment for both process economy and process reliability of the commissioned production.

I will support you with my expertise as application engineer throughout sampling and the trial phase, independently of suppliers. If you wish, I will coordinate the test rig either in your company or with external partners.

At the end of the trials, you will receive a duly completed documentation of the results as a basis of decision-making.