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Control of non-conforming products

“First the diagnosis, then the therapy!”

The production is at a stand-still; the reject rate differs or is way too high? Trial coatings have led to nothing. None of the process partners are at fault. It is frustrating on so many levels.



Here, it might make sense to bring in an independent partner, who can take control of non-conforming products systematically.


When you have short-term or anti-cyclical defects in varnished surfaces, your team and I will take a fingerprint of the process and then pinpoint the reason for the flaws. We take a look at the relationship of coating, grounding and process. We check all three factors on their own, and then we investigate their interdependency.

After the reason has been determined, we will develop a strategy to eliminate non-conforming products, or to minimize their occurrence. The focus will be on the cost-benefit ratio. It goes without saying that you will receive full documentation of our team effort.