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The Owner


Owner Wolfgang Schaefer has been working in the field of automotive surface coating for more than 19 years. From manual application in prototype construction to fully automated serial enameling of components with diverse geometries, he has progressed through all work stations that are the key to success in modern paint shops.

As Managing Partner of artworX OHG, Mister Schaefer successfully served as production workshop, manufacturing components for automotive and electrical industries. He also developed constructive solutions for associated businesses in Germany and Rumania.

His career continued as Production Supervisor for the German daughter company of Tata Motors, where Mister Schaefer projected a fully automated plastics paint shop. He took this to serial operation, so that the company was able to manufacture components for Volkswagen and General Motors.

Eager to learn more about the chemistry of varnishes, Mister Schaefer joined the renowned varnish manufacturer Mankiewicz in Northern Germany. He started out as an application engineer for automotives, and later supervised the worldwide support of ultraviolet surface coating in automotive interiors.

After eight years of working for Mankiewicz as Division Manager of Applications Engineering, Mister Schaefer decided to share his expert knowledge with you via his own company.

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